Healthy Kids Food

Healthy Kids Food

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Kids Guidelines

Healthy kids food is what the new My Plate is all about. In a effort to make it easier for parents to figure out how to feed their kids nutritious, balanced meals, the USDA has formulated a food guide called My Plate. This is a plate that is sectioned into fruit, grains, protein and vegetables.

My Plate is a real easy view of a child’s nutrition, in a plate form. The suggestions are to fill your child’s plate with half vegetables and fruit. Make whole grains at least half. Serve 1% milk not sugary drinks. Always choose low sodium in foods and above all else do not over feed. Because My Plate is divided plate, no one food groups over powers the others.

Nutrients Need to be Supplied in Variety

Kids who see their parents eating better are more likely to do so themselves. Eating green vegetables like broccoli, spinach or greens is healthy. Always use positive terms to refer to healthy food, for example,” I enjoy crunching on celery”.

Children may reject a new food the first of second time it is offered, but keep persisting as a new food will soon become a “everyday” food, so be part of his healthy diet. Talk to your kids about different fruits and vegetables, such as where they grow and how you prepare or cook them. Always avoid bribing your kids with food or use as a reward.

Parents always practice what you preach, be a great role model for your children
Letting children choose and help prepare healthy food in the kitchen will help them learn to cook and be a healthy kid
Food is not a reward system or a bribe avenue to get your kids to do what you want especially for healthy kids food preparations
It is very important to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables from a very early age
Try Interactive ways for Childrens Healthy Eating

Children will respond to different colors and shapes, so supply them with a mixture of foods in all textures, colors, shapes and sizes. By making food so appealing “artwork” it can entice a child to partake. One way would be make a face made out of salad on a plate. Snack time at school should be exciting for your kids.

Healthy eating can become a treat if you provide a range of textures and colors in the food. Put a bowl of fruit out on the kitchen counter. Children will respond to healthy eating if the options are easy and made available. It’s very important to introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables from a young age.

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