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There are a number of great benefits to owning swimming pool solar covers. First off, they can protect the water and your swimming pool from debris like leaves, insects, mud, dirt, and other unwanted objects. The other significant benefit of solar covers are the heating capability. Solar Panels Sydney These are perfect for swimming pool owners who don’t have or want to buy expensive water heating systems just to heat their pools for comfortable swimming. A swimming pool cover will harness the energy of the sun rather than add up costs in your next electricity bill.

A regular pool that is uncovered is unprotected. This means it is subjected to the air and any wind blowing on the surface will continue to lower its surface temperature. As the warm water rises and cool water sinks, the process is repeated until the pool temperature is as cold as the air. This can make for a very uncomfortable swim, especially in the evening when the sun has set and air temperature drops significantly. If you use special chemical cleaners and sanitizers in your pool, prepare to shoulder the added cost of replenishing that as well as it evaporates with the water.

Today’s swimming pool solar covers are designed for maximum heat retention and insulation in mind. Using special bubble wrap type surfaces, today’s covers are very efficient at absorbing the sun’s heat and transferring it to the water below. This has the dual benefit of increasing the water temperature at the same time that it prevents any evaporation from occurring since it acts as a protective barrier.

Best of all, this uses a completely passive type of energy which is energy from the sun. That means no extra energy usage at all to heat your pool. For the small up front investment of a pool solar cover, you can easily save it back within one swimming season just from energy savings alone. That’s also not factoring in all the chemical savings you would get as well. It also allows you to extend the swimming season since your pool will be nice and warm whenever you want to use it, even if the sun has already set early.

Of the great many benefits of pool covers, the single greatest inconvenience is in the deployment. Especially if your pool is large, it can make a great deal of work just to cover and uncover your pool when you want to take a swim. For those with the budget, you can actually buy reel systems that will automatically retract the cover to reveal the water underneath. This makes for easy use though it will eat up a little energy expenditure each time you use, though nothing like what it would cost to operate an electric heater. There are also manual hand crank reel systems for pool covers that work the same way. Though there is some manual effort needed to crank the reel, it is much easier than walking up and down the length of the pool, rolling and unrolling the solar cover.

The savings you get from a swimming pool cover can cover up to 70% of your pool’s heating cost and reduce up to 50% of water loss. If you are using pool chemicals such as chlorine, add on another possible 35% to 60% in those costs as well. This doesn’t include the maintenance costs you would save to hire a pool boy to clean the leaves out of your pool each week as the cover would prevent most of the unwanted debris from ever falling in. Most swimming pool solar covers pay for themselves within one season of use and that’s why they are increasingly popular today in our energy conscious green-aware world. Do your part for the planet and enjoy the many benefits that pool solar covers have to offer.


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